We have been developing and producing machines and equipment for the food industry for more than 55 years. Our considerable know-how and no-nonsense approach, together with our expert fitters, make De Jager RVS an excellent partner for food producing companies. Companies that are constantly involved with equipment and food safety.

Contract maintenance and inspection

Due to the stringent requirements concerning the maintenance of equipment, a task that many food producers are unfamiliar with, an increasing number of companies are choosing to outsource this work.

This is why we offer you the option of a contract that makes us responsible for inspections together with periodic and preventative maintenance. The outsourcing of the maintenance under contract can provide you with tremendous peace of mind. All required maintenance is then carried out in accordance with the stipulated requirements and at the appropriate times. The accompanying information explains why inspection and maintenance of your equipment is so important.

De Jager RVS offers various forms of contract. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further!

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