You may be considering using a new piece of equipment or production line and you obviously want to know what the best solution would be. If so, then please feel free to contact De Jager RVS. Our experienced engineers will talk you through the various options. We will then formulate the ideal plan which will enable us to produce a concept drawing and provide you with clear and honest advice concerning the project feasibility.

After considering the concept and recommendation, you can then decide if you would like the project developed further into a 3-D engineering drawing. The detailed drawing will provide you with an excellent idea of the equipment end-product. This drawing also determines the components and materials to be used, which enables an accurate calculation of the investment required.

All important decisions can be made stage by stage. The last stage will require you to decide whether you actually want the equipment to be built. A main advantage of having the equipment manufactured by De Jager RVS is that both the engineering and production departments are under one roof. Just one point of communication, which keeps any discussions short and to the point. This promotes accuracy, is much more flexible and increases the chance of rapid delivery.

Our engineers have been designing and developing equipment and systems for the Food Industry for more than 55 years.

We have worked for numerous prestigious companies, varying from fresh and deep frozen food companies to producers of ready meals. When developing and producing our equipment and systems, we take all relevant directives into account, including those for equipment safety, food safety, ease of cleaning and sustainability.

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