With the focus firmly on the customer experience, appropriate solutions and advice, De Jager RVS offers the following services to new and existing customers: Advice, Engineering, Maintenance & Inspection

We are completely at your service offering the benefit of our 55 years of practical experience in the field of stainless steel equipment and machines.

Expert advice from experienced consultants


Expert advice provided by experienced consultants who are all familiar with the requirements and legislation in your particular sector. We can offer numerous types of new machinery or production lines, but can also adapt existing equipment.

Our experienced engineers design equipment to the specifications of the customer


Our experienced engineers design machines to the specifications of the client. If requested, the 3D engineering drawings can go straight into production

Inspection, preventive and periodic maintenance, also under contract

Maintenance and Inspection

Inspection, preventive and periodic maintenance for machines and equipment for companies that feel that such tasks do not represent their core activities and wish to outsource such work. Also under contract.