Do you want your production process to run more efficiently by using an improved system? We can assist you in finding the best solution to provide optimum results. 

De Jager supplies customised stainless steel products specifically for the food industry, including the sweets and chocolate sector. Our products include stainless steel conveyors, crate-washing machines, tanks, boilers, lift tippers and tilters, production boilers, process boilers, and crate-handling, including cleaning. Stainless steel products that provide a hygienic environment.

Efficient and economical

Efficiency is extremely important for sweets and chocolate manufacturers. Your process must run as smoothly as possible to achieve the desired result for both you and your customer. All of this depends on the equipment you choose.

Satisfying product requirements

Sweets and chocolate manufacturers strive for both optimum production and satisfied customers. We can help you to achieve this by taking the following into account when manufacturing your equipment:

  • Your system complies with CE and HACCP requirements
  • The system is easy to clean to ensure food safety
  • Your system allows you to work efficiently and cost effectively
  • Your system complies with stringent safety standards
  • Your operating system will provide efficient management


Customer specific solutions

We can help you find an appropriate solution. Apart from our standard production line, we are also specialised in manufacturing equipment in particular sizes or for specific applications. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further!

De Jager RVS provides equipment for:

  • Chocolate manufacturers
  • Sweets manufacturers
  • Confectioners


  • Your system will meet the highest safety standards
  • A customised solution
  • On-site assembly
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