Are you looking for a solution to minimise manual labour? We can assist you by discussing the various options available to achieve the best results.

De Jager supplies customised stainless steel products specifically for the food industry, including the bread and baking sector. Our products include stainless steel conveyor belts, crate-washing machines, handling systems for loaf crates, goods lifts, conveyor cleaners, dosing systems, production tanks, lift tippers and dough containers. Stainless steel products that provide a hygienic environment.

Work efficiently

As a commercial baker you need to work efficiently to save time, energy and money. You strive not only for optimum production, but also for customer satisfaction. All of this depends on the equipment you choose.

Satisfying product requirements 

To enable your production process to meet the demands of your customers, we take the following into account when manufacturing your equipment:

  • Your system complies with equipment guidelines (CE)
  • Your system complies with stringent safety standards
  • Your system reduces manual labour to a minimum 
  • Your system runs without malfunctioning

A customised solution  

We can help you find an appropriate solution. Apart from our standard production line, we are also specialised in manufacturing equipment in particular sizes or for specific applications. Would you like quality that can complement your working practice? Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further!

De Jager RVS provides equipment for:

  • Commercial Bakers
  • Confectioners
  • Bread and baking suppliers
  • Solutions to minimise manual tasks
  • On-site assembly
  • A customised solution
  • Satisfies BRC and IFS requirements
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