Are you looking for a reliable processing system for the heating, cooking, chilling, stirring or mixing of your product? Get in contact with custom stainless steel specialist De Jager RVS today.

We'll offer you the best advice and come up with the best possible solutions to meet your specific requirements. We have all the required knowledge in house and we build your solution in our own factory. Our equipment contains only the best components. We are your partner for custom processing solutions that offer the best in quality and innovation. 


We will optimise your processing systems by devising and implementing innovative solutions. We'll install everything for you at your location and, if desired, our specialists will explain the required pipework. This is done with the help of our orbital welding machines.

Our processing systems allow you to make your products exactly how you need them to be. What's more, you will be producing with safe systems and completely in line with all hygiene guidelines.

Advantages of optimised processing

  • Your end product the way you want it
  • Compliance with all hygiene requirements
  • Compliance with the strictest safety standards
  • Simplified production handling
  • Production in accordance with PED


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