De Jager RVS designs and builds client-specific industrial washing machines for washing and cleaning and product carriers. In order to meet the strictest hygiene standards, it is important that your company works within the relevant hygiene guidelines, such as HACCP, IFS and BRC. As specialists in industrial washing machines, we can help you to achieve this. Because we understand that your company has its own specific requirements, we adapt our machines to suit your company.

From bins, crates, trays and cooking moulds to baking trays and bread tins – whatever you need cleaned, we'll custom-design the washing machine you need. When the machine is ready, we'll first test it thoroughly with your product at our Dokkum location before we deliver the finished product to your company.


Washing your product carriers is of great importance in maintaining hygienic business operations. In a number of cases, drying can also be of critical importance. De Jager RVS offers custom solutions specific to your product carrier and your company.

The primary objective of our designs is that they achieve a perfect and hygienic result, whereby water and energy efficiency are significant considerations. In order to save space in your production facility, our industrial washing machines are built to be as compact as possible. With a De Jager RVS industrial washing machine, you can rest assured that you’re getting a safe washing machine that will deliver optimal results.AA  

Advantages of industrial cleaning and an optimised washing process

  • Quicker and simpler to clean and dry
  • Clean and hygienic result
  • Ergonomic
  • Complies with HACCP, BRC and IFS requirements
  • Complies with all safety norms
  • Compact, space-saving machines
  • Efficient use of water and energy  
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning


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