De Jager RVS customised fabrications offers a complete service by providing you with advice together with the engineering and fabrication of stainless steel machines and equipment. We have been designing and building customer-specific stainless steel machines and equipment specifically for the food industry for almost 55 years. Our four core activities are the provision of solutions for food processing, transport, cleaning and handling.

An initial consultancy with the customer addresses their requirements and the options available. Our engineering department then produces a design for the best appropriate solution. Following approval by the customer, we manufacture this design in our factory, before delivering as a turnkey product.

All of our products satisfy all hygiene and safety requirements before leaving the factory. The latest innovations are incorporated wherever possible. All of our products incorporate the latest technology.

De Jager RVS is an experienced and reliable stainless steel specialist in the fields of optimisation, expansion, renewal or upgrading of production processes.   

All of our departments are located under one roof - sales, engineering, production and installation. This means that any discussions are short and to the point, which results in your machine or equipment being delivered at the agreed time and entirely to your specifications.